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The Sower

The Sower is a semiannual publication for friends and contributors to the American Farm School. The Sower was digitized by Evlampia Gkaragkouni, a student from the Department of Library Science and Information Systems who performed her internship during the period of October 2008 - March 2009. Under the supervision of Dr. Emmanuel Garoufallou, the digitization process, the tools used and the procedure of creating metadata records through DSpace platform constituted the student's dissertation.

Ο Σπορέας

Ο Σπορέας αποτελεί έκδοση που δημοσιεύεται δύο φορές τον χρόνο και απευθύνεται στους φίλους και συνεισφέροντες στην Αμερικανική Γεωργική Σχολή