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Title: Newsletter, 1948, April
Keywords: American Farm School - Newsletters
Αμερικανική Γεωργική Σχολή - Ενημερωτικά δελτία
Ενημερωτικά δελτία
American Farm School (Greece)
Αμερικανική Γεωργική Σχολή (Ελλάδα)
Country life - Greece
Αγροτική ζωή - Ελλάδα
American Farm School - Students
Αμερικανική Γεωργική Σχολή - Μαθητές
Hastings Hall - Buildings
Hastings Hall - Κτίρια
House Kellogg, Ann Mary, 1888-1989
Issue Date: 1948
Publisher: The American Farm School
Description: Everyday life at AFS, boy's life, Mrs. House talk about a battle in a village of the boys, Mrs. Loch writes of a visit to Stagira, Memorial trees, The British military band made a concert at AFS, Marion Miller fixed up a reading room, Mrs. Loch make a speech for a better world and future.
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