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dc.descriptionMr. and Mrs. House return back to school after the closing of the American Red Cross offices, Problems with food and water at AFS, Mr. House's sollutions to water problem, Country life.en_US
dc.publisherThe American Farm Schoolen_US
dc.subjectAmerican Farm School - Newslettersen_US
dc.subjectΑμερικανική Γεωργική Σχολή - Ενημερωτικά δελτίαgre_GR
dc.subjectΕνημερωτικά δελτίαgre_GR
dc.subjectAmerican Farm School (Greece)en_US
dc.subjectΑμερικανική Γεωργική Σχολή (Ελλάδα)gre_GR
dc.subjectHouse, Charles Lucius (Charlie), 1887-1961en_US
dc.subjectHouse Kellogg, Ann Mary, 1888-1989en_US
dc.subjectAnimal productsen_US
dc.subjectΖωϊκή παραγωγήgre_GR
dc.subjectCountry life - Greeceen_US
dc.subjectΑγροτική ζωή - Ελλάδαgre_GR
dc.subjectWater resources developmenten_US
dc.subjectΑνάπτυξη υδάτινων πόρωνgre_GR
dc.subjectJames Hall - Buildingsen_US
dc.subjectJames Hall - Κτίριαgre_GR
dc.titleNewsletter, 1942, Januaryen_US
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